About Us


Our unique approach

We work on a project-success basis, delivering measurable results every step of the way. We are passionate about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as passionate as our customers are about their business and vision, and we'd like to help them achieve that in a consultative, long-term partnership approach. Our projects are scoped to fit your budget, your data and your objectives - no more and never less.


Our team

A small team

Obsessively dedicated professionals.


Data security is our primary concern.

Customer success

Our primary metric is to improve yours.

We stick to the plan

No billing surprises or hidden delays.


Our mission

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence can deliver fantastic results if done properly, with the right team and realistic goals. Our mission is to deliver the best possible results with your data and your business experts. We only consider a project a success if it meets or exceeds the agreed baseline outcome metrics and can be productized and maintained at low cost with relative technical ease.