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Xalentis Fusion provides the bridge between Ethereum-based blockchains and organizational backend systems. Cloud-hosted, the Fusion platform delivers scalable and cost-effective transaction monitoring, filtering and post-processing using our powerfull transaction processing engine.

The estimated cost of a basic Blockchain POC with integration into legacy systems exceeds US$50,000 with no guarantees of success, requiring business analysis, design, development, testing and disruption of production-level systems. Fusion eliminates the risk and high-cost while providing integration using proven mechanisms including ESB, Microsoft Flow, LogicApps, PowerApps and PowerBI - eliminating the expense, risk and disruption of overly complex Blockchain to legacy integration methodologies.

Add any number of transaction filters and associated rules built using our BASIC-like rule compiler. Each filter can have an unlimited number of sequential rules, enabling complex decision-making and business logic processing. Filter on sender, recipient, transaction value and optional data content, or any combination of these.

Use compiled Smart Rules to enable nested IF-THEN-ELSE decision trees to process business logic when specific transaction criteria are triggered. Calculate taxes and post to appropriate ledgers once transactions are verified. Similar to a spreadsheet, Smart Rules can accumulate and adjust stored totals to keep a running total on accounts, amounts or Ethereum Smart Contracts.

string addressFrom = Transaction.From();
number contractValueUSD = EthToUSD(Transaction.Value());

#store in Azure for PowerBi
Total.Add("PaymentsMade", addressFrom, contractValueUSD);

#send to ERP ledger via Service Bus
SendMessage("connectionString", "myQueue","{'Account':'001-002-003','Value':" + NumberToString(contractValueUSD) + "}");

#calculate sales taxes and send to ERP ledger
number salesTax = (contractValueUSD * 0.10);
SendMessage("connectionString", "myQueue","{'Account':'001-002-555','Value':" + NumberToString(salesTax) + "}");

Map Ethereum addresses to readable account descriptions and use within Smart Rules; Simplify linking your chart of accounts to the Blockchain. Build powerful visualizations in Power BI directly from blockchain transactions. Identify anomalies and suspicious transactions while sharing data with your existing Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML/CTF systems.

Workflow transactions with Microsoft Flow or send Service Bus messages and action them to your backend systems as required. Build codeless mobile apps using Microsoft PowerApps and use Blockchain transactions archived in the Microsoft Common Data Service. Modernize your Trade & Logistics platform with Ethereum-based blockchain integration. Receive instant notifications of new transactions and critical data elements from your Blockchain-enabled Microsoft PowerApps. Synchronize legacy systems using our OData and LogicApps connectors.

Archive filtered transactions to Azure Table Storage for fast historical access during rule processing. Send mobile SMS and email notifications based on specific transaction criteria. Act as an Ethereum Oracle service by injecting values returned from Azure Functions or LogicApps into Smart Contracts. Secure rule processing using Azure Key Vault for secret storing, encryption and decryption of sensitive information.

Filter and process a single Ethereum block containing 60,000 confirmed transactions per second**

**Measured using a dual-core 2.1GHz Intel i7 processor monitoring a JP Morgan Quorum Ethereum network.